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oh church

When the gospel becomes the focus of being missional and when being missional becomes about being about the gospel, the church is unstoppable. Not because we are amazing, but because the gospel is unstoppable, irresistible and relevant. As the Church we are called seek, speak and spread the good news of Jesus. We are NOT called to seek and destroy opportunities with our lack of mercy for people. My concern is a simple one…the Church is destroying itself by attacking themselves. We are like wolves in hunt and our prey is ourselves. Let’s be careful not to speak about his bride in such a way. There is a a word that needs to be spoken, there is. I denying that! That word must be spoke without hesitation and without flattery, but it MUST BE SPOKEN IN GRACE AND MERCY!
Dear church, please do not haste to make judgement without mercy, without grace…without taking the giant piece of wood in your eye!
I’m not defending a church, organization nor am I defending views. What I am doing is pleading for us to be the church. Let us be the church…I need to be the church.
When the heart we have is a sympathetic one, the best love one can show is to show truth without compromise, IN love

Dear church,
Relevance does not equal a reduction of the gospel
For the gospel is relevant on its own.
Dear church,
Let’s not stand silent against the evils of this earth,
Though sometimes silence is what We are called to do, choose wisely.
Dear Church,
To search for the speck in your neighbors eye having going through the plank of wood in yours is in itself a sin…be wise
Dear church,
Do not forget that even the best apostles and theologians
On those who’s backs you stand on we’re themselves sinners! You are not special.
Dear church,
The blood that ran red and fast through the spear is the same blood that can save the person you deem unsavable, don’t play Jesus.
Dear church,
Relevance is not equal to the reduction of the gospel
For the gospel is relevant on its own
Dear church
Pray, yelling down their throats can only get you so far…pray for them, pray for yourself…
Dear church….
Oh dear church
You too are dead without Christ be gracious for you have been shown much grace
Dear church
Relevance does not equal compromise
But being anchored does not equal your judgement…
Dear church
Oh the church…
The bride…
Don’t budge
Don’t move
But stop being a bounty hunter and start being the church


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A faithful sinner loved by the Almighty.... Love Jesus because he first loved me, considered clean because of his shed blood and finished work on the Cross...Thankful... I play, I write, I sing, I create... --------------------------------------- "The opinions and positions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect Logos Community's positions, strategies, or opinions."

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