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Song 3 of 7in7

Were all concerned with righteousness
but all consumed with bloody mess
all distorted, all been broken
all have words left unspoken
With hands of failure reaching out
reaching out for all to see
all the wounds we have been given
open like a raging sea


there is a truth in light of darkness
theres a son for all to see
there is still a form a beauty
left inside of you and me

We’ve all tried hard and fallen short
we’ve all been hated times before
our heart like metal bends to brake
when exposed to heat and flame
Dreams come shattered like dirty glass
when our trial is all we have
so we look to someone else
in desperate need of help

There is hope
there is peace
there is joy in time of need
there is rest
there is love
there is grace come from above


About shadowninjaa

A faithful sinner loved by the Almighty.... Love Jesus because he first loved me, considered clean because of his shed blood and finished work on the Cross...Thankful... I play, I write, I sing, I create... --------------------------------------- "The opinions and positions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect Logos Community's positions, strategies, or opinions."

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