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This is pretty shwweeett

I got a story like that

I Got A Story Like That

Is looking for artists and writers to meet.

I have had a tremendous amount of fun and personal satisfaction with artists that I have never met sending me selected pieces of their work. Then I create a story/poem about that art.

Visit our site and see the results of our collaborations.

You don’t have to be an artist/writer to see whats happening here.

You might just have a little fun or maybe too much fun.



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A faithful sinner loved by the Almighty.... Love Jesus because he first loved me, considered clean because of his shed blood and finished work on the Cross...Thankful... I play, I write, I sing, I create... --------------------------------------- "The opinions and positions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily reflect Logos Community's positions, strategies, or opinions."

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  1. sobnyc ⋅

    Thank you Friend,

    Reblogging this notice was in a word;

    You should know that the phrase,”Made my day” applies right here right now.


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