“When Noise meets Harmony”

Ladies and gentlemen if I could have your attention please

I’d like to tell you a story of how noise meets harmony

And in this case harmonies name is Christie


Born on the 25th of September

A day her mother will always remember

For given to her was a gift from above

To be cherished, to be protected and to be-love-ed is she.


Born to a family that loved her much and loves her still

And with that kind of love there is enough to spill

But still

Not quite like I do.


She wore what she wished and ate what she liked

She did whatever would bring her delight

And she grew


Now in high school and smarter than most

She flew right through them consider them toast

And she met college


4 years of brutal times and some great ones as well

And she moves forward from this as you can tell


And now the noise…

She moves to the valley to save sweet lives

Only STOP to realize it’s her own that is saved

And only by grace and only through faith Ephesians 2:8


She meets the noise that rattles her eardrums…

That’s me

A broken saved by grace faithful sinner but loved by a sovereign God who chose me, who chose her, who chose us!


And I met harmony


As if meeting her was not enough shock

She gladly threw a rock

And I , well I stumbled and fell…for her


So harmony, dearest Christie

You are the Ruth I’ve been waiting for

Strong and diligent

You are the Sarah I’ve dreamed of

Beautiful and lovely

You are a heart after the 31st proverb

A heart after Gods own

And that you have clearly shown


And I have been called to serve you to die for you to love you

I have been chosen to protect to provide and to pastor you

And I will fail you! But Jesus won’t! So I’m thankful


Though death may do us part you serve a king whom guards your heart and you will dance still! So I’m thankful


And this is the story of noise meeting harmony

And with Jesus being our melody

Will you Christie make music with me…


Will you Christie chase the Cross with me…

For the rest of the speck that is our lives

Will you Christie do me the honor and the pleasure…

To be my beloved